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Vocational Rehabilitation

The vocational rehabilitation program is designed to help our clients build skills that are driven toward employment goals and employment placement as the outcome. VR clients benefit from community-based services that engage them in the VR processes, where they learn who they see themselves as an employee along with the strengths and interests they have to offer to an employer. The VR process may look different for each participant, however they will begin with the vocational rehabilitation office working with a counselor that will determine the best fit for the individual. From discovery to stabilization, the Employment Consultants guide the participant as they learn and build their employment skill-set, help them to identify employment goals, find their employment placement, and eventually reach their highest level of employment independence.


Funding is through Vocational Rehabilitation and services are offered in Marion and Hendricks Counties. Contact your local VR office to start the process.

Areas 13 & 14: Kessler Office

Marion County

Phone: 317-205-0100

Areas 15 & 16: Parkdale Office

Hendricks and Marion Counties

Phone: 317-270-1005



Director of Community Supports

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