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Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy, also referred to as therapeutic recreation, is defined as a profession of specialists who utilize recreation and leisure activities as a form of active treatment for individuals with limitations due to their physical, cognitive, emotional or social functioning.  Differing from diversional or recreation services, recreational therapy interventions are individualized and designed to enhance current skills and facilitate the establishment of new skills for daily living and community functioning.  Our therapists are nationally board certified and have competency in the areas of assessment, goal development, planning and facilitating recreational therapy interventions, and evaluation.  Sessions may occur in the home or in a community-based setting.  Funding for Recreational Therapy is available through the FSW and CIH waivers in the state of Indiana.  Private pay rates are also available. 


Stacey Carlson,

Director of Recreational Therapy

[Our recreational therapist] is unbelievable.  She is versatile and creative in her provision of services.  She appears to have endless resources and options of activities, especially involving development of cognitive skills and even academic skills as needed and has made a dramatic improvement on the quality of life for my son. 

-Client team member

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