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Meaningful Mealtimes Feeding Clinic

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a feeding clinic this summer! 

Happy Mealtimes is a six-week program designed to promote improved feeding routines. This family-based program follows the Get Permission Approach to feeding and is led by an Occupational Therapist who will educate parents on how to set up their child for feeding success! The program includes four virtual group training sessions for parents and two individual family training sessions that can be held virtually or in-person (Jeffersonville location only).  


6/27 Thursday (individual family sessions) 

-Overview and create their child's food list

7/2 Tuesday (parent group session)

-Mealtime Peace and Change Happens

7/9 Tuesday (parent group session)

-Food Rehearsals

7/18 Thursday (individual family sessions)

-Let's Play with Food and Choose Foods Wisely

7/23 Tuesday (parent group session)

-Establish Foods


Location: virtual (zoom) or in-clinic (Jeffersonville location only)


Price: $125 (if insurance covers 2 individual family sessions) or $375


Child age: 3-14 years

Please fill out the form below to register:

Meaningful Mealtimes Registration

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