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About Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy provides each client with the tools necessary to engage in meaningful communication to the best of their ability. Therapy often focuses on the client’s ability to produce speech sounds correctly and fluently as well as mastering the ability to understand others. Speech therapists also help clients practice communicating in social situations by helping them organize their thoughts during conversation and learn how to utilize necessary problem-solving skills during interactions with others. In some cases, the speech therapist may provide and train clients and their caregivers in the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices

  • Treatment Modality: Meaningful Day Services is dedicated to providing quality Speech-Language Therapy services to children and adolescents. Our goal is to improve the speech and language skills of an individual, help determine the need for any augmentative or assistive communication device, and/or teach manual and gesture-based forms of communication, depending on the client's needs. The goal of MDS speech-language services is that each client be provided with and trained in optimal methods to communicate in an effective manner with the people in their family and community.

  • Population Served: We currently serve individuals with deficits/delays in receptive language, expressive language, articulation, pragmatic language, phonological awareness, or reading/comprehension skills. We also serve individuals who are in need of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems.

  • Setting for Services: We provide direct speech-language therapy services at four locations across central and southern Indiana.

-Brownsburg Center- 225 South School Street, Brownsburg IN

-Indianapolis Center- 3725 Kentucky Ave, Suite 102, Indianapolis IN

-Jeffersonville Center- 590 Missouri Ave, Suites 203-206, Jeffersonville IN

-Lawrenceburg Center- 465 Bielby Rd. Suite C, Lawrenceburg IN​

  • Hours of Service: Monday-Thursday 9:00-5:00, Friday 9:00-3:00

  • Frequency of Service: Speech-language therapy services at MDS occur on-site at one of our centers. Most sessions are scheduled once a week for 30-minutes, but occasionally may occur more or less frequently. Frequency of service is determined by the following factors: results of assessment, age of child, other interventions in which the child participates, and funding.

  • Credentialing of staff: Speech-Language Pathologists employed at MDS hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), a nationally recognized professional credential given by the American Speech and Hearing Administration that represents a level of excellence in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. SLPs also maintain a current Speech-Language Pathology professional license for the state of Indiana. All SLPs have completed a master’s level accredited program.

  • Payer Sources: MDS is in network with all major insurance companies including but not limited to: Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Behavioral Health, Humana, and Aetna. We also accept Indiana Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver (for clients over age 21) and Children's Special Healthcare Services.

  • Fees: Our fee schedule is determined annually and is based on our contractual agreements with all funding sources. Copay, co-insurance, or deductible payments are due at the time of service, if applicable. Private pay contracts may be set up when other funding sources are not available. Private pay rates are based on our current fee schedule.  

  • Referral Sources: We receive referrals from schools, physicians, psychologists, insurance companies, case managers, other professionals, social media/website, and word of mouth. All referrals must complete an MDS welcome packet, intake assessment, and provide a signed prescription for service(s) prior to the initial evaluation.

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