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Shelby Kabazie

Chief Operating Officer

Shelby has proudly spent her entire professional career at Meaningful Day Services. Her passion for working with individuals with developmental disabilities began in high school through volunteer opportunities. She started with MDS in 2010 working as a behavior technician at the ABA summer program. She continued to work break programs at MDS while completing her college degree.

Shelby graduated from the University of Kentucky with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2013. During her time at UK, Shelby was a member of the P20 Learning and Motivation Lab where she assisted with conducting and publishing research. She was excited to accept the HR Assistant position and continue her professional career with MDS in 2014.

Shelby has continued to grow within the company as HR Coordinator, HR Administrator, and now HR Director and COO.

Shelby and her husband, Joseph, reside in Louisville, Kentucky.

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