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About Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Treatment modality: Meaningful Day Services is dedicated to providing Applied Behavior Analysis services to children and families. Our goal is to teach families the behavioral techniques they need to reduce maladaptive behaviors and increase appropriate social behaviors, language skills and learning skills. Our therapy interventions are driven by the initial assessment and semi-annual re-assessment to create individualized treatment plans using the following assessments: AFLS, PDDBI, and PEAK TRIAD Social Skills Assessment, VB-MAPP, and Vineland-3.  Our individualized treatment plans and programs for each client, written by our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), are intended to reduce maladaptive behaviors and increase functional skills. Each client is placed on a treatment team that includes a BCBA and a team of Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs). During our session, we work on therapeutic goals that have been outlined by our assessments, the treatment team, and the family.  Our Children's Therapy Program targets the specific needs of children ages 2-11 that will focus on language, social skills, self-help skills, and behaviors that prepare your child to be successful in the classroom setting and at home. Our Adolescent and Teenage Therapy Program focuses on functional activities of daily living, independence, language, social skills, and pre-vocational skills.

  • Population served: Meaningful Day Service’s ABA program serves individuals with autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, TBI, developmental and behavioral disorders as well as other varying disabilities.

  • Setting for services: We provide 1:1 ABA therapy in a clinic setting. The Bridge to Home component of our program is provided by a BCBA and the setting of Bridge to Home can be determined by the individual's needs.

  • Credentialing of staff: All client programs are overseen by one of our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). All clients have a master's level behavior-consultant on their team working directly with Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and the client, ensuring training and quality implementation of programming by our RBTs.

  • Hours of service: Monday-Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-3

  • Days of service: Monday-Friday

  • Frequency of service: Our minimum participation for our early intervention ABA program is 15 hours per week of ABA, plus the Bridge-to-Home component of our program. Our minimum participation for our children and adolescent ABA program is 6 hours per week of ABA, plus the Bridge-to-home component of our program. Our Bridge-to-Home component of our program includes two 1-hour parent or caregiver trainings per month.  ABA hours may be increased to more effectively reach treatment goals. Decreases in ABA hours of therapy per week typically occur when a child has met the majority of the treatment goals and is moving toward discharge.

  • Payer sources: In network with all major insurance companies including but not limited to: Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Behavioral Health, Humana, and Aetna. We are also able to accept most Medicaid strands, with the exception of Anthem Medicaid, and accept Indiana Medicaid Waiver.

  • Fees: Our fees are determined by insurance and Medicaid companies. Private pay rates are available upon request.

  • Referral sources: We receive referrals from doctor's offices, school systems, psychologists, insurance companies, case managers, and other professionals in similar fields (SLP, OT, PT).

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Director of Applied Behavior Analysis

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