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About Adult Day Services

  • Treatment Modality: Adult Day Services are designed to assist individuals in the improvement and retention of skills necessary to be as independent as possible in their daily lives. With the goal of enhancing independence, Meaningful Day Services provides direct supervision as well as training to implement the goals and outcomes identified in the PCISP (Person Centered Individualized Support Plan). We provide these services in a range of client to staff ratios not to exceed a ratio of 6 clients to 1 staff member. We have a daily schedule that we follow to ensure that everyone has a wide variety of activities. Some of our daily tasks include: social circle time, exercise, arts/crafts, sensory time, hygiene skills, vocational skills, and more. We also enjoy going into the community to work on some of our individualized goals in real world situations. We are here to focus on the needs of your loved one and to help improve their lives daily

  • Populations served: Adult Day Services generally serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The age restriction for Adult Day Services is 18 years and older.

  • Settings: Services are provided in the Day Services Facility on the west side of Indianapolis and in the community.

  • Hours of service: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday

  • Frequency of Services: Frequency of services is determined by the individual and their team. It is based on the individual's needs, goals and budget. It is recommended, for consistency and progress, that people not attend less than two times per week.

  • Payers and Funding Sources: The Adult Day Program is typically funded through the Medicaid waiver. Occasionally, individuals will pay privately for services.

  • Fees: The service rates are based on the funding source and the individual's level of care and supervision needs. Private pay rates are also available.

  • Referral Sources: Most referrals come through word of mouth, current clients and families, and case managers. The Medicaid Waiver utilizes a "pick list" which identifies providers within a geographic area.

  • All individuals referred for services through MDS, Inc. receive a full assessment designed to evaluate the needs and strengths of the individual. Recommendations are reviewed by the individual and his/her interdisciplinary team. Objectives are developed based on the needs outlined and the priorities designated. Areas of skill development may include any or all of the following:

  • Educational Goals

  • Exercise Goals

  • Fine/Gross Motor skills

  • Social Skills

  • Safety Skills

  • Self-help Skills

  • Leisure skills

  •  Credentialing of Staff: All staff are required to pass a criminal background check as well as a driving record check. All staff are CPR/First Aid certified and have been trained in Handle with Care.

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