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Speech Therapy

Speech therapists work with children and young adults who have a variety of communication difficulties and speech disorders. Therapy often focuses on the client’s ability to produce speech sounds correctly and fluently as well as mastering the ability to understand others. Speech therapists also help clients practice communicating in social situations by helping them organize their thoughts during conversation and learn how to utilize necessary problem solving skills during interactions with others. In some cases, the speech therapist may provide and train clients and their caregivers in the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices, also known as AAC devices.

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Director of Occupational and Speech Therapy

Skills Addressed in Speech Therapy

  • Receptive language: understanding language, identification of named items by pointing or touching, following directions

  • Expressive language: vocabulary, labeling items, communicating with phrases and sentences, grammar and sentence structure

  • Articulation: production of speech sounds, clarity of speech, motor planning of speech sounds

  • Pragmatic language: using language to communicate with others, understanding and responding to social cues, turn taking in conversation, staying on topic

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Picture Exchange for Communication (PECS), use of communication book or device

  • Phonological Awareness/Reading Skills: rhyming, syllable awareness, letter/sound identification, sound blending, reading comprehension, Dyslexia

  • Feeding: chewing, biting, oral tone and strength

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How do I get started?

Please contact our office or click the link below if you feel your child struggles with any of the above skills. Our team will set up an intake meeting with you to discuss your concerns and determine if an evaluation is needed.

How do I pay for Speech Therapy?

Meaningful Day Services is in-network with most private insurance companies and Medicaid plans. When speech therapy services are denied by insurance and Medicaid providers, Medicaid Waiver may be utilized as a funding source. Our team of insurance specialists are available to assist families with their individual questions about each funding source.

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