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Available MTI Webinars

These pre-recorded webinars are designed for caregivers. Private Pay and FCAR funding are accepted. Verification of funding is required before training materials are available.

Once you've selected a webinar option, click here to register!

“Teaching Coping Skills to Learners with Limited Receptive Language”

Presented by Hannah Sauber, M.S., BCBA

Many people can learn by simply being instructed - When you feel overwhelmed, practice mindfulness; deep breathing can disrupt your stress response; routines help make self-care a habit. But what about people who don’t learn this way? People with limited or different communication can still learn coping strategies and self-care behaviors; they just need a different approach to teaching.

Length of training: 1hr/Cost to register: $25


“Sensory Regulation for Self-Care and Mental Health”

Presented by Lexi Ferguson, OTD, OTR, 200 HR RYT-SEY

Sensory regulation is the process of how our bodies respond to our external and internal senses. These senses include auditory, tactile, olfactory, visual, proprioceptive, vestibular, and visceral. All sensory nerve fibers send signals to our brain impacting how we see and respond to our environment. The training provides insight into sensory regulation and how to implement this regulation in your life and others for improved self-care and mental health.  

Length of training: 30min/Cost to register: $25


“Supporting Mental Health & Wellness through Self-Care Routines and Rituals”

Presented by Lexi Ferguson, OTD, OTR, 200 HR RYT-SEY

Routines and rituals play a large role in our lives. Strategic routines and rituals can assist or create imbalances in lives. This training provides evidence-based research on ways to ensure your self-care and mental health goals support your overall wellbeing. 

Length of training: 40min/Cost to register: $25


“Stress Management”

Presented by Andy Hirsch, LCSW & Shanea Brodhacker, MA

Stress looks different for everyone. How individuals recognize and deal with stress is an important part in living a healthy life. In this webinar, your presenters will discuss what different types of stress look like, how to discuss stress with the person you are caring for and strategies to reduce and react to stress

Length of Training: 1hr/Cost to register: $25


Part 1: “Understanding Anxiety: How to Help When We Feel Overwhelmed”

Presented by Mitchell Stacy, MA, LMHCA & Leah Flory, MSW

This is a caregiver-oriented training which aims to assist caregivers in understanding anxiety and identifying ways to support the ones they care for.


Part 2: “Working with Worry: How to help our Anxious Parts”

Presented by Mitchell Stacy, MA, LMHCA & Leah Flory, MSW

This is a client-oriented training for participants to learn about anxiety and practice new ways of coping.

Total length of training: 2hrs/Cost to register: $25


Included in registration: Webinar recordings and resources

“Understanding Employment Services and Supporting an Individual Transitioning to Employment” 

Presented by Jordyn Koertge, Director of Community Supports. This is a caregiver-oriented training which will provide information regarding various employment service options that are available to individuals. It will also assist in learning how to best support an individual as they transition to employment, whether they are wanting to grow their skillset prior to entering the workplace, are ready for job placement, or need on-the-job supports.  

Training: 30min/Cost to register: $25

"Creating Stability Using Recreation and Leisure During Life Changes"

This presentation will focus on various scenarios when daily life has changed and how to cope with those changes using recreation and leisure. Participants will learn about the benefits that recreation and leisure activities have on individuals both mentally and physically. Participants will be provided with a resource list and information on how to join community recreation events or creating new leisure interests at home.  

Cost to register: $25

"Teaching ADL's in your Daily Routine" 

The training will focus on various ways to teach ADL’s to individuals that require assistance and are transitioning in performance and participation of meaningful activities. You will learn various techniques to teach ADL’s and ways to implement reinforcement schedules. The presenters will provide collaborative experience of knowledge to help you better understand how to support your loved ones through completing ADL’s and how to implement the various strategies into your daily routine.  

Cost to register: $25


"Support for Transitions and Preparing for Change"

This training will focus on how to support individuals before, during, and after transitions as well as how to proactively prepare individuals for life changes. 

Cost to register: $25

"Advocacy, Rights, and Responsibilities"

The transition from school age to adulthood is important; it requires the appropriate tools and support for success. Caregivers and individuals are both integral parts of this process. This training will help you to better understand the rights of the client and guardian within waiver services. We will provide practical strategies for supporting the individual with self-advocacy as well as looking at the roles and responsibility of each team member. 

Cost to register: $25

"Tips for Holiday Success"

Presented by Lexi Ferguson, OTD, OTR, 200 RTY-SEY and Michelle Sanders, LCSW

While Holidays can be fun and exciting, they often come with many changes to an individual’s environment and routine. This training is designed to provide proactive strategies to reduce stress and increase successful and enjoyable holiday experiences for those with disabilities. The training will offer a collaborative approach from both an Occupational Therapist and Behavioral Therapist.

Cost to register: $25

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